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NYC Walking Tour: Broadway to Brooklyn

If you’re coming to town and looking for a NYC walking tour, you might be humming that catchy song about 42nd Street from the musical of the same name:

Hear the beat of dancing feet
It’s the song I love the melody of
Forty-Second Street

Explore NYC

But there’s more to New York City than just Broadway and Times Square.

If you are not familiar with Local Expeditions, we take folks – locals and out-of-towners alike – to see lesser known, but enthralling local spots. The guide who leads your expedition specifically designs it. This makes us #trulylocal as well as ensures that your expedition leader is not only an expert about their locale and subject matter, but also passionate about what they are doing. We have small groups (10 people max in our largest group) and the camaraderie among all of us during the 2-3 hours we spend together makes a Local Expedition a memorable experience.

So, even though you might take a stroll through uber-crowded Times Square/42nd Street and/or attend a Broadway show during your visit to NYC, we suggest you also check out some interesting areas such as Prospect Park, Park Slope and DUMBO in Brooklyn on our Ferry to DUMBO, CitiBike DUMBO and Prospect Park and Park Slope Brownstones expedition. See our other expeditions here.

Learning about the architecture of Park Slope and the urban planning and design history of Prospect Park is enlightening and fascinating; riding over the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges on a Citibike is a sublime experience while walking through DUMBO is a sight in itself, especially on Washington Street, where you can find the most instagrammed view in the world while, from Front Street, you can view the close Manhattan Skyline, which looks just like a Hollywood movie set. Taking the NY Ferry is a fantastic experience with awesome photo opportunities as well as a unique adventure most visitors never experience.

Explore Brooklyn

So, put on your comfortable shoes, heed the Beastie Boys anthem, and visit NYC’s largest borough (Brooklyn) for a unique NYC walking tour experience, a Local Expedition!

‘Cause I’ll be rockin’ this party eight days a week!
No sleep till
No sleep till Brooklyn!


–Written by Stephanie Schroeder

Some Tips on Indian Food in New York

Most out-of-towners might not know that Manhattan has 2 Little India’s.  The most popular one is in the East Village–Sixth Street between Second Avenue and Avenue A.  But there is another Little India with excellent food and that is on Lexington between 27th and 29th.  My favorite vegetarian food option in New York is Indian, although we do have a number of excellent vegetarian restaurants too.  Indian food is great for a flexatarian crowd.

In the East Village, my personal favorite is *Haveli (100 Second Avenue)–but many are quite good.  Haveli has a few nice features.  The front window is broken glass–a distinctive visual.  Also, the kitchen has a large (unbroken) picture window where you can watch the bread being made.  In warm months there is outdoor seating on Second Avenue.  The prices are reasonable and I love the naan, the chana saag, the vegetable curry, and the aloo matter gobi.  I have had their chicken tikka masala as well and thought it was very good.

If you’re in the Lexington Avenue area there are some really good restaurants and great all you can eat lunch deals.  I don’t know these restaurants as well but Dhaba (108 Lexington Avenue) is very good with an $11.95 lunch buffet on weekdays ($13.95 on Sunday).  One of my favorite jaunts in this neighborhood is not Indian but has excellent Middle Eastern food and a grocery store where you could shop for hours.  Every spice, rice and dried fruit known to humankind is available there.  It is called Kalustyan’s (123 Lexington Avenue) and if you go, the prepared food is upstairs.  Don’t miss the Mujaddara.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Jackson Diner (37-47 74th Street) in Queens.  For years it was considered the number one Indian restaurant in the five boroughs.  I haven’t been in a long time but when I did go, it was excellent.  I have heard that it has become overcrowded and commercialized but such is the fate of local quality.

*Since this post was written Haveli has gone under new management and I cannot recommend it.  NB 12/14/16