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Carved Pumpkins

Halloween Events in NYC

We’ve got a roundup of some of the best ways to get your fun on at these Halloween events in NYC during October 2016!



Who are you kidding?

If you want to be scared shitless, go to Blood Manor! I saw a creepy clown from the place handing out postcards and was already feeling faint. Blood Manor, which bills itself as “New York City’s Premier Haunted Attraction,” really is!

Another scary attraction in the Big Apple is the New York Haunted Hayride. It looks terrifying on the subway posters, but then I don’t even like the mildest of scary movies. Check it out for yourself and please report back.


Kill! Kill! Kill!

Call me Freddy

The Central Park Halloween Parade and Pumpkin Flotilla is a free event on the afternoon/evening of October 30th at the Harlem Meer. Ghost stories, live music, pumpkin carving (and, of course, floating) will abound. This is a great event for the entire family.

Looking for a relaxed, yet super fun parade? Check out the Park Slope Halloween Parade. This family-friendly and Brooklyn-centric event is a blast! I took a friend from London last year and she wants to come back again specifically for this event!

The Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade is good clean fun that is #BetterWithPets! Bring your canine pals to the East Village on Saturday, October 22nd from Noon to 3PM for this “barkin’ mad” parade.


Puppet Skeletons

Be your true self

The Village Halloween Parade began in 1974. Artists created giant puppets, drag artists paraded in their most fabulous outfits and bands joined in the procession…all sharing the spotlight with any bystander who wanted to join in. Since then, this parade has been co-opted by apparently, EVERYONE and is now the world’s largest Halloween parade, right here in NYC. A tradition that has remained constant in this parade is: anything goes.

Are you into a wax museum aesthetic? On October 29th, Madame Tussauds is hosting a Halloween mixer for the LGBT community and all others are also welcome! There will be dancing, a costume contest, Marvel Comic’s 4-D Superhero Thrill Ride and more!


Ancient Hauntings

Old Ghosts

You can get the inside scoop on the haunted history of the West Village from one of our very own on our Special Halloween Expedition: The Haunted Village, scheduled every day from October 23rd to October 30th at 7PM. New York has existed as a major metropolis for nearly 400 years. Millions of souls have lived and died here, buildings have been built and rebuilt–neighborhoods have changed. But when we walk around today, we see only the living; all 8.5 million of them. We are mostly unaware of the history of the streets we walk on and the buildings we reside in, dine in and visit.

Wishing everyone a ton of fun at any and all of these Halloween events in NYC!