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Logo for The New York Times Travel Show

Local Expeditions at The New York Times Travel Show!

Logo for The New York Times Travel Show

At the Javits Center, NYC

We are thrilled to be part of The New York Times Travel Show and if you are an attendee of the show, please take advantage of our 2-for-1 offer on all our tours from now until February 3rd.

Our guides will lead you off the beaten path to explore the nooks and crannies of NYC’s most interesting neighborhoods, including DUMBO, Gowanus, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Victorian Flatbush, and Park Slope in Brooklyn; Washington Heights, Hell’s Kitchen, the East Village, and the early morning flower district in Manhattan; and Flushing in Queens.

Check out a sneak peak of some of our tours:

Citibike DUMBO begins in Manhattan at a CitiBike kiosk near the Manhattan Bridge. We ride very slowly (this is not extreme sports) as the bike gives us an opportunity to get to DUMBO and enjoy some beautiful vistas and hear some stories along the way. This also gives you a chance to get used to our excellent CitiBike program so you can enjoy some of the city’s great bike paths on future trips to New York.

Go to Hell! See Hell’s Kitchen, New York’s most misunderstood neighborhood with our food enthusiast and local expert Ziggy.  Learn about the neighborhood’s complicated and violent history, where Irish gangs once ruled the streets. You’ll get to explore Hell’s Kitchen’s many secrets including gardens, churches, and many great eateries outside the tourist path.

Gowanus? Yes, Go On Us! From its humble beginnings as a meandering creek to a lush salt marsh dotted with gristmills, the Gowanus Canal and its surrounding neighborhood, has experienced a renaissance over the past several years. A thriving community of long-time residents (as well as newcomers who are drawn to the area’s gritty, industrial appeal) reside amongst the more than 300 artists who rent studio & gallery space in re-purposed factory buildings.

And these video sneak-peeks are just a sampling of a fantastic selection of expeditions such as:

And many more!

Check our calendar and sign up for a tour that strikes your fancy and bring a friend for free! And, don’t forget to stop by Booth 872 to say hello to us at The New York Times Travel Show 2017.

P.S. Do you like street art and graffiti? Check our a sampling of the visual feast you’ll see on our tours!

Anatomy of a Citibike DUMBO Tour

This Mother’s Day, May 8, 2016, we had a small group of folks on our CitiBike DUMBO tour. The description of the tour on our website gives the basics, but I want to share what happens from the POV of someone who has done the tour from beginning till end! Here are some of the highlights from this recent expedition.

While I was headed to our meet-up spot, I was surprised to find Marge Simpson hanging out in Chinatown:

Maggie Simpson sitting on Marge's lap in Chinatown

Marge with Maggie Simpson on her lap in Chinatown

I joined the others at our meet-up spot, the Confucius Square CitiBike dock and kiosk where we were greeted by our guide and founder of Local Expeditions, Nancy Blaine.

Statue of Confucius

Statue of Confucius in Confucius Plaza, Chinatown, NYC

It’s $10 for a CitiBike Day Pass. This cost is not included in our tour price, but it is a real bargain especially because a day pass lasts 24-hours and you can ride around NYC long after the tour ends! All you need to get the pass is a VISA/Mastercard credit or debit card. (And if you love bike riding, I suggest you go ahead and get a 3-day pass for $24, which gets you unlimited 30-minute rides in a 72-hour period. It’s a great alternative to taking the subway.)

Citibike Dock and Kiosk

Fleet of Citibikes in Confucius Square

Nancy walked us through the process securing our day pass at the Kiosk and we un-docked our bikes and headed over to the Manhattan Bridge. If you’re from out of town, you may be asking yourself “What about the cars?” Both the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges have bike and pedestrian paths separated from the traffic. And, Nancy escorted us the entire way onto and over the bridge.

Resting spot on Manhattan Bridge

Resting spot on Manhattan Bridge

Riding over the bridge, we saw some infamous NYC graffiti!

Graffiti on Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge Graffiti

When we arrived in DUMBO, we docked our bikes at the Citibike kiosk (they are everywhere) and went on a walking tour, which led us by the most Instagrammed spot in NYC on Washington Street; many cool stores; and the Brooklyn Flea, an outdoor market offering unique food, clothes, art, furniture and more!

Flea Market in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Flea in DUMBO

We sat down for coffee and pastries at the excellent Almondine Bakery to have a rest, regroup and trade tourism stories. We all agreed Almondine serves, without a question, the best croissants in NYC.

Croissants at Almondine Bakery

There they are!

Later, Nancy told us about the major engineering feats of the amazing Brooklyn Bridge along with other history about DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and how it has become one of the hottest neighborhoods in all of NYC.

History of DUMBO BK

Urban history of DUMBO

We toured more of the neighborhood and went to St. Ann’s Warehouse. St. Ann’s Warehouse is one of the most unique live performance theatre spaces, on the East Coast. (They are currently showing the BIANCO no-fit state circus and “A Streetcar Named Desire” starring Gillian Anderson.)

Tennessee Williams

“…After all, a woman’s charm is fifty percent illusion…”

Here’s our intrepid guide in front of the NY Ferry landing:

NY Ferry landing

Nancy Blaine

To end the tour, we picked up another CitiBike and rode back to Manhattan via the glorious Brooklyn Bridge.

NYC Bridges

See the Manhattan Bridge behind us from the Brooklyn Bridge!

I had such a great day on this exciting tour. And, getting to meet the other tour participants was fun, especially with our instant camaraderie!

By Local Expeditions team member Lisa Haas