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The Best Iced Coffee in NYC

The dog days of summer are upon us and you need to know where you can get the best iced coffee in NYC. In fact, you could make a whole day of it going from one amazing iced coffee to the next, drinking it in an air-conditioned café in honor in of the heat that’s too hot to be out in. And I would love to suggest some of my favorite places in Manhattan and Brooklyn to you.

Straight up, cold-brewed.

The Beast of Coffee

Get it Cold-Brewed and Black

Really strong, just like the beast it is named after, Gorilla Coffee is amazing hot, and is a kick in the pants cold brewed. You gotta go to Park Slope, Brooklyn to enjoy Gorilla Coffee in one of their two locations. This is my all time favorite iced coffee.

One Lumb or Two

For Your Sweet Tooth

One lump or two? Even if you don’t like sugar in your coffee, below are some sweet iced coffees that are delicious!

New Orleans

Blue Bottle’s New Orleans Iced Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee has cafes in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They cold-brew their iced coffee for 12 hours with chicory and add organic sugar and milk. I’m a person who generally doesn’t put sugar in my coffee, but this concoction is an unequivocal exception.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

It’s got sweet, condensed milk in it!

Think about giving yourself the special treat of a Vietnamese iced coffee at AP in Bushwick, Brooklyn. (It’s too easy to get to! Take the L train to the Jefferson stop in Brooklyn and when you hit street level, it’s a 3-minute walk away.) AP’s VIC is sweet, thick and has an “orange’ish” bouquet that lingers in your olfactory region. (Their Vietnamese iced tea is amazing as well.) And sitting in the AP café itself is a lovely, aesthetic treat. They also have a beautiful menu of foods for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

Continuing on with sweet iced coffee beverages…

Supercrown's Milkshake

Van Leeuwen Inspired

I’ve mentioned this café before, and I can’t help mentioning it again in this heat. Supercrown Coffee Roasters, located in Bushwick, offers a Coffee Milkshake made with Van Leeuwen Sweet Cream, espresso and espresso grinds. They also have a Mocha Milkshake made with Van Leeuwen vegan dark chocolate, iced coffee, espresso and espresso grinds.

El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette

The Most Talked About Iced Coffee Drink – Summer of 2016, NYC

Though I haven’t had a chance to try it, I still want to let you know that on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, El Ray Coffee Bar & Luncheonette’s Iced Mexican Mocha is the talk of the town. It’s gotten a lot of press and made it into Zagat’s 10 Must Try Iced Coffees in NYC. “Crowned with mint leaves, the Counter Culture iced mocha at this LES hot spot sports a generous kick thanks to a sprinkling of chile flakes and cinnamon,” is Zaget’s mouth watering description of El Ray’s Iced Mexican Mocha

Best Iced Coffee in NYC

Nancy Blaine’s Favorite Iced Coffee

And, Local Expeditions founder Nancy Blaine names Gregorys Coffee iced coffee her favorite. She says, “For my money, the best iced coffee in New York will be had at any Gregory’s Coffee.  I go to the one on 33rd between Park and Madison and the staff is incredibly efficient and friendly, but–any time I find a Gregory’s I find the coffee and the service to be the same–excellent!  The iced coffee is a cold brew, but it’s a solid medium roast–not the over-roasted cold brew you get from Starbuck’s.  Local Expeditions endorses Gregorys Coffee–with by far the cutest logo on the block.”

NYC is filled with unique cafes–so check back here again for more tips about the best coffee experiences to be had in NYC.

~By Local Expeditions team member Lisa “I heart iced coffee” Haas




Talking About Coffee in Brooklyn

Talking about coffee in Brooklyn? That is one of our favorite things to do at Local Expeditions because we love our coffee as much as our best friend. Everyone’s life journey to the caffeine buzz is different. It started for me when I was a kid staring at my parents enjoying their after-dinner cup of coffee at my aunt’s house. They made the coffee look SO good. After years watching this post-dinner ritual, some adult asked me if I wanted a taste—with the warning I probably wouldn’t like it. They were right.

The next time I tried coffee was out of sheer and utter desperation. I was in Missoula, Montana, in graduate school and found the only way to keep up with the coursework was to literally stay up all night working, several nights a week, all semester long.

It never occurred to me to buy a coffee maker, but rather I thought my only option was to pour hot water over instant coffee, drink it quickly, and hold it down till the wave of nausea passed from the nasty taste.

This was in the late 1980’s and I thought, “That’s as good as it gets.” What I didn’t know was coffee/café culture had been underway for years and was currently alive and well in Seattle. Consequently, Italian made espresso machines had started making their way east, through the Pacific Northwest and into this Montana college town.

My very first latte was served to me in Missoula at Butterfly Herbs. My friend Kathleen who worked there suggested this beverage to me. This was radically different from the instant coffee—and though is still had a “coffee taste” it somehow tasted good! And the tentative sipping dragged out the consumption of the latte, which slowly revealed the mood-elevating effects of the caffeine. A coffee addict was born.

Its a drug

Fast forward to my move to New York City in the early-90’s. I didn’t think of myself as a coffee addict, but it was apparently quite obvious to all my friends who had already transplanted to NYC. I received repeated warnings from multiple people that NYC wasn’t like Missoula—you couldn’t just grab a latte anywhere, anytime. Unless you were in a fancy Italian restaurant, or deep in Brooklyn in an Italian neighborhood, I was going to be SOL. Except for ONE place in Manhattan, the Big Cup, located in Chelsea.

Big Cup Coffeehouse


By 1995 the mainstream “latte” had hit NYC. Independent cafes flourished, particularly in the East Village. Then Starbucks began opening stores in Manhattan. The Big Cup closed. Other independent cafes opened, and closed, and opened. A few of those have managed to survive even to this day.

Then shortly after the turn of the century the artisanal coffee movement was founded. A handful of young enthusiastic coffee entrepreneurs began to open small, independent coffee houses, predominantly in Brooklyn. Local roasting companies began popping up and now you can find a roasting plant right in the back room of many local cafes!

So whether you already live in one of the five boroughs, or are visiting NYC, I would love to share my top three favorite North Brooklyn cafes with you!

Supercrown Coffee


Supercrown has the strongest, richest, yet smoothest coffee I’ve ever tasted. And their roasting plant is in-house so you can enjoy the amped up aroma of coffee while you are having a coffee. The drink everyone has been talking about is their coffee milkshake made with Van Leeuwen Sweet Cream, espresso and espresso grinds. You can also have tea, lemonade, individual pour-overs, light snacks and pastries. A beautiful atmosphere to enjoy a beverage in, you can find Supercrown in Bushwick at 8 Wilson Avenue. (Closest train is the L to Morgan Avenue.)

Cafe Grumpy Roasters


Café Grumpy. First of all, their grumpy faced logo says it all—all about how I feel before my first cup of coffee. Though Café Grumpy has several locations throughout NYC, my favorite is the original location in Greenpoint at 193 Meserole Avenue. (Closest trains are the G to Nassau Avenue or the G to Greenpoint Avenue.) Their coffee is outstanding, their roasting plant is next door, and the best part for me is sitting in their cozy café slightly off-the-beaten Brooklyn neighborhood path.

Strangeways cafe


I must admit I like borderline freakishly small café spaces with a slightly punky/beatnik atmosphere. So if you like to sit elbow-to-elbow writing angry thoughts in your journal or reading a hard copy of “The New York Times” (it’s delivered daily) then Strangeways is your place. Located on the boarder of Bushwick and Ridgewood at 87 St. Nicholas Avenue, they serve up some lovely latte art and use Fourbarrel coffee from San Francisco and Lofted Coffee (roasted in Brooklyn). And the cheese scallion scones they sell are the perfect morning snack with your first cup of joe. (Closest trains to Strangeways is the L to Jefferson Street or the L to DeKalb Street.)

Tune in again for more tips about the best coffee experiences to be had in Brooklyn!

~By Local Expeditions team member Lisa Haas



NYC Walking Tour: Broadway to Brooklyn

If you’re coming to town and looking for a NYC walking tour, you might be humming that catchy song about 42nd Street from the musical of the same name:

Hear the beat of dancing feet
It’s the song I love the melody of
Forty-Second Street

Explore NYC

But there’s more to New York City than just Broadway and Times Square.

If you are not familiar with Local Expeditions, we take folks – locals and out-of-towners alike – to see lesser known, but enthralling local spots. The guide who leads your expedition specifically designs it. This makes us #trulylocal as well as ensures that your expedition leader is not only an expert about their locale and subject matter, but also passionate about what they are doing. We have small groups (10 people max in our largest group) and the camaraderie among all of us during the 2-3 hours we spend together makes a Local Expedition a memorable experience.

So, even though you might take a stroll through uber-crowded Times Square/42nd Street and/or attend a Broadway show during your visit to NYC, we suggest you also check out some interesting areas such as Prospect Park, Park Slope and DUMBO in Brooklyn on our Ferry to DUMBO, CitiBike DUMBO and Prospect Park and Park Slope Brownstones expedition. See our other expeditions here.

Learning about the architecture of Park Slope and the urban planning and design history of Prospect Park is enlightening and fascinating; riding over the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges on a Citibike is a sublime experience while walking through DUMBO is a sight in itself, especially on Washington Street, where you can find the most instagrammed view in the world while, from Front Street, you can view the close Manhattan Skyline, which looks just like a Hollywood movie set. Taking the NY Ferry is a fantastic experience with awesome photo opportunities as well as a unique adventure most visitors never experience.

Explore Brooklyn

So, put on your comfortable shoes, heed the Beastie Boys anthem, and visit NYC’s largest borough (Brooklyn) for a unique NYC walking tour experience, a Local Expedition!

‘Cause I’ll be rockin’ this party eight days a week!
No sleep till
No sleep till Brooklyn!


–Written by Stephanie Schroeder