Want to be a Local Expeditions Guide?


Fantastic!  You have come to the right place.  We really want you join us! We think you’ll find what our other guides have found—it’s interesting, with flexible hours, and the potential to make some good money.  Let us give you an example of the financials:

Since all expeditions are 2 – 3 hours and cost an average of $40 per person with a 10-person max, let’s assume you filled your expedition:

  • 10 x $40 = $400
  • 15% goes to Local Expeditions:  $60
  • 5% goes to a local non-profit organization OF YOUR CHOICE!:  $20
  • 10% (approximately) goes to a libation that you offer your customers.  This is a signature aspect of a Local Expedition. Each guide gives each customer a drink or a snack that costs approximately $4.00 per person:  $40


 $400 – $60 – $20 – $40 = $280.00 IN YOUR POCKET for 2 – 3 hours of work!  That is basically $100 per hour.

 Let’s talk about the 15% for Local Expeditions.  What’s it for?  Local Expeditions has a sophisticated website and advertises daily via the site, the Facebook page, the Twitter feed, and Instagram.  Local Expeditions has a liability waiver that all customers have to sign so that you are not liable for any accidents that might occur on your expedition.  Local Expeditions has insurance and a lawyer so you don’t need one.  All of these costs are borne by Local Ex, and are part of the 15% fee we take.  This makes becoming a guide with Local Expeditions practically a no risk situation for you!

 What kind of person makes a great Guide?  When out of town guests come to town, do you rub your hands together in delight at the ideas you have for showing them the unusual streets and café’s?  Or the odd sporting event or theater piece?  Are you creative and talkative and thrilled to show your town to friends AND strangers?  Then you would make a perfect Local Ex Guide.

 TAXES:  In case you were wondering, Local Expeditions requires all guides to fill out a W9 Form and will send you income statements at the end of each tax year.

 It’s as easy as it sounds.  Join our other enthusiastic guides and give people a taste of your town through your own unique perspective.  To continue and to design your expedition, e-mail us here.

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