Although officially a Staten Islander, Ziggy has been living and breathing Hell's Kitchen for the past 15 years, and NYC for the past 30. Author of the "Hell's Kitchen Survival Guide" food guide, Ziggy has been blogging about this most underrated neighborhood and more on When he is not driving his kids around, he spends his time exploring the various diverse neighborhoods of NYC. Ziggy is a licensed NYC sighseeing guide. He enjoys showing visitors around so much that he recently left his Software Engineering job to do this full time, and join the gang at Local Expeditions.

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Andrea C.

Licensed Tour Guide
Brooklyn, NY

A born & bred Native New Yorker, Andrea Coyle is a Board Member & Education Committee Core Member of the Guides Association of NYC. She has a background in both the graphic arts field & early childhood education. A licensed NYC tour guide since 2008, Andrea is a community activist, a preservationist, & a strong supporter of independent small businesses & manufacturers. She loves history, architecture, photography, trains, & food -- & being able to introduce her guests to places off the beaten path!