Robert Brenner



Robert Brenner

Where are you from?

New York, NY




Robert Brenner is a docent for the Municipal Art Society of New York, a member of the Guides Association of New York City, a licensed New York City tour guide, and an (almost) lifelong New Yorker. He has led walking tours for the New York Public Library, the Times Square Alliance, the 34th Street Partnership, Untapped Cities, the Urbanist, and Jane’s Walk. He lives in Chelsea with his wife, and has an insatiable appetite for food—and freedom.

 “My mother grew up poor on the Lower East Side, when the LES was still a Jewish ghetto. She used to go with her mother to the kosher butcher shop at the end of the day to buy the cheapest cuts of meat—the stuff nobody else wanted to buy. That’s what she learned how to cook, and that’s what I grew up eating.  I have never forgotten the delicious meals she managed to prepare from these humble ingredients, and what it means to be an immigrant in the New World. “