My name is Lois Barth, I'm a motivational speaker, coach, author and most of all, Thrift Shop Enthusiast! (with over 35 years of scouring all the great thrift shops NYC has to offer). “I LOVE inspiring people to shine bright in the world, and one way I love doing that is to guide them on a Thriftista tour, so you can find really fun, cool clothes and/or accessories, perhaps a hip decoration for your “pad,” or maybe some classic staples to your wardrobe and/or home, and meet other great folks like yourself, who love a great deal, and discover the myriad of wonderful thrift shops, while getting a local flavor of the different neighborhoods in Manhattan. Life’s too short; why get what everyone else is getting... and why pay retail?

Guide Of the week

Andrea C.

Licensed Tour Guide
Brooklyn, NY

A born & bred Native New Yorker, Andrea Coyle is a Board Member & Education Committee Core Member of the Guides Association of NYC. She has a background in both the graphic arts field & early childhood education. A licensed NYC tour guide since 2008, Andrea is a community activist, a preservationist, & a strong supporter of independent small businesses & manufacturers. She loves history, architecture, photography, trains, & food -- & being able to introduce her guests to places off the beaten path!