Our meeting point will be at Broadway and 31st street under the L, where we will start our tour on one of the commercial streets of Astoria. At the end of the Avenue we will stumble upon Socrates Sculpture Park where you can stroll around and see the experimental works of rising young artists.  As you’ll be enjoying the beautiful outdoor space, you can never feel too nostalgic about being out of Manhattan because you can still marvel over the city’s skyline view across the river.  We will then visit the nearby Noguchi Museum and you will have the opportunity to see many of the sculptures of Isamu Noguchi, a Japanese American artist who exemplifies such a diversity in technique and methodology in his sculpture, as a landscape architect, stage designer and paper lamp designer. His essence is not to depict nature as a mirror of realism,  but as the extraction of abstraction.  So while we are on the subject of mirrors, our tour will continue through a more residential side of town as we head over to the Kaufman Studios, to the museum of the Moving Image. Mirrors and optical images were the first tools used to create a moving image, and you will get the magical opportunity to travel through time seeing how cinema and the moving image a have developed from the early 19th century till now!! The Kaufman Studios are our little Hollywood on the east coast. That will be our last stop, so just before I let you on your own to enjoy the ever-unraveling wonders of cinema, we will have a stop for tea/coffee at one of my favorite Greek owned neighborhood cafes.

PLEASE NOTE:  Museum costs are not included in the expedition price.

Noguchi – $10 / Museum of the Moving Image – $15.


Broadway and 31st street under the L in Astoria, Queens

The Secret World of Astoria
Astoria, Queens
for GrowNYC
Zorzet M.
FROM Queens, NY and Greece

Art! Enjoy the simplicity of hard rock sculptures to the moving images of an east coast Hollywood.



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Zorzet M.

Queens, NY and Greece

Born and raised in NY, Zorzet is a world traveler,  jewelery designer, dancer, and therapist among many of her other endeavors. Her fluency in six languages and her enthusiasm to reveal the hidden treasures of the off beat paths, inspire her to guide expeditions and tours in NY as well as Greece and Italy. ''Art is magical in all its expressions and forms and love is sharing it with you.''