The most filmed location in the world is Central Park. During this tour we’ll pass by famous film locations as well as delve into the history, architecture, and pop culture of this iconic park. Come explore the hidden pathways, architectural gems, and secret insights of Central Park that not even the locals know about.

This walking tour is about 2.5 hours with a restroom and snack break midway.  Wear comfortable shoes as we’ll be covering a lot of territory and walking briskly. Please arrive early so the tour can begin on time.  This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

This tour is for lovers of history, architecture, and gardens. The pace is brisk and we’ll cover over 3 miles of terrain.

Central Park New York. Reflection of clouds, trees and buildings in The Lake on an autumn afternoon in Manhattan.Famous Park designed by Olmsted and Vaux.

New York’s Central Park. Sun setting on the Upper East side, reflection of trees and clouds in The Lake. Iconic Central Park at sunset in New York.

Arsenal in Central Park
5th Avenue at 64th Street
Meet on the front steps of the Arsenal
Secrets of Central Park
Central Park
for Planned Parenthood
Heather S.
FROM Brooklyn, NY

A look at the secret enclaves, controversial history, and scandals of Central Park.



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Heather S.

Photo Researcher and Tour Guide
Brooklyn, NY

Heather is a travel and architectural photographer and lover of history.  She studied historic architecture and gardens in London and is an enormous Anglophile (yes, she does say flat and lift and corrects people when they say soccer not football).  Bicycling, reading, going to pubs and traveling are at the top of her list.  A bit of a nerd and proud of it.