Power Walk Prospect Park

Join us for a Power Walk through some of the hidden areas in Prospect Park.  We will begin at the Grand Army Plaza entrance, bypass the popular three-mile jogger/bicycle road and go instead on the obscure dirt paths of the park.  We will walk a total of three miles and take only 2 or 3 short water breaks at some of the lesser-known highlights of Prospect Park.  Olmstead and Vaux designed this park to be more wilderness than Central Park and this power walk will show you what they meant.  You’ll also get a brisk and healthy start to your day and we will end at the Farmer’s Market back in Grand Army Plaza where you can purchase the cider donut that you earned.  Dogs are welcome on this walk as long as they have had their shots, are socialized for people and other dogs, and can keep up the brisk pace.  Owners must always clean up after their dogs.

Who will enjoy this expedition?:  Hikers, outdoors people, dog owners.    The areas that we will be walking in are not exactly child friendly.  If you have children we encourage you instead to go on Prospect Park and Park Slope Brownstones on Fridays at 1:00.