This walking tour is along the last pristine section of the Croton Aqueduct in Manhattan.  Learn the history of its construction by Irish American and African American engineers and laborers.  See picturesque views across the Harlem River Gorge.  You will be in the vibrant vista of the NE corner of Manhattan.  Initially we walk along a 150’ high cliff; strewn with large stone artifacts.  The last section is along the top of the Romanesque looking High Bridge Aqueduct.

We are always walking on a low grade 10’ wide path, However, there are opportunities to grab a tree limb and hang out over the edge to get a better view of the retaining walls below.

Why do I call it Machu Picchu in Manhattan?  Many reasons:  Like Machu Picchu Coogan’s Bluff is hard to find; it is on a steep slope; the large rock walls were hand stacked; and, lastly, they are both great examples of beautiful stone art/architecture.

Who will enjoy this excursion?: Architects, engineers and historians.  The gravity feed brick pipe is very leisurely to walk on.  This tour is not bike friendly for the entire length but you can ride, walk, and/or lock your bike.


155th Street and Edgecombe at the bus shelter.  “C” train (“A” local), or the 1 train will take you there.  The “D” is also near but up 60 steps.

On Coogan’s Bluff: Machu Picchu in Manhattan
Washington Heights, NY
for New York Restoration Project
Paul K.
FROM New York, NY

A walk along the first pipe that brought upstate water into New York city.



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Paul K.

Tour Guide
New York, NY

I am an avid explorer with an MS in City Planning. Even with this degree, it still took many visits to finally see the handmade stone structures--only by hanging out over the cliff and looking at the stone retaining walls.  My original drawings and maps showed people where and what Coogan’s Bluff is. I am also active in other areas of High Bridge Park giving informational walks for the Community Board and participating in cleanups.