As Halloween looms and the sun sets over Times Square, theatre historian Cezar Del Valle leads tour goers on a search for these spectral thespians.

While no visitations are guaranteed, he will point out the most haunted theatre in America. Even a side entrance has an apparition (hint “over the rainbow”).

Nearby stands a statue of a Broadway legend who still tours the local houses he once performed in.

And if one cannot visit New York in life why not in death. At least two phantom tourists have been seen strolling Broadway. Tour goers are advised to keep a careful eye on the group for anything odd or unusual—the otherworldly.

For those whose nerves can stand the shock, these and other ethereal beings await along the Haunts of Old Broadway.

Who will enjoy this event: Seekers of the unknown, the mysterious and unexplainable. Also, lovers of Broadway theatre and all things ghostly (especially at Halloween).

Please note that this is a tour of theatre exteriors.



The tour begins in front of the New Amsterdam Theatre, 214 West 42nd Street, with the ghost of a Ziegfeld star.

Ends at Duffy Square, Broadway and West 46th Street

Haunts of Old Broadway: A Ghostly Walk
Times Square
for Actors Temple/Synagogue
Cezar D.
FROM Brooklyn, NY

Many a ghostly player still struts & frets their hour upon the Broadway stage



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about Cezar D.

Cezar D.

Theater Historian and Artist
Brooklyn, NY

An artist with over 100 exhibitions at galleries, museums and art centers, Cezar Del Valle is also a theatre historian offering series of popular theatre talks and walking tours. He has been described as “legendary” by Lower East Side Preservation Initiative.  For Dick Zigun, at Coney Island USA, Del Valle is “one hell of an entertaining speaker.” While Hillsman Wright, executive director of the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation, calls Cezar Del Valle “a distinguished scholar and great friend of historic theatres.” Del Valle is the author of the Brooklyn Theatre Index, a three-volume history of borough theatres. The first two volumes chosen 2010 OUTSTANDING BOOK OF THE YEAR by the Theatre Historical Society of America. Final volume published in September 2014. He is currently working on a major update of the first two volumes of the Index for what will be the third and final editions. These will be available in early 2017.