See Hell’s Kitchen, New York’s most misunderstood neighborhood with a food enthusiast and a local expert.  Learn all about its complicated and violent history, where Irish gangs once ruled the streets.  We’ll explore Hell’s Kitchen’s many secrets including gardens, churches, and many great eateries outside the tourist path.  And you may even learn a thing or three about architecture, TV personalities, and even Hockey.

Who will enjoy this expedition?:  Just about anyone.  History buffs, locals, foodies, mafia enthusiasts, photographers, even accountants.






Meeting Place:  Southeast corner of 48th and 8th (next to FDNY Engine 54)

Ziggy .
FROM Staten Island, NY

A Walking Tour of Hell's Kitchen  



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Ziggy .

Staten Island, NY

Although officially a Staten Islander, Ziggy has been living and breathing Hell's Kitchen for the past 15 years, and NYC for the past 30. Author of the "Hell's Kitchen Survival Guide" food guide, Ziggy has been blogging about this most underrated neighborhood and more on When he is not driving his kids around, he spends his time exploring the various diverse neighborhoods of NYC. Ziggy is a licensed NYC sighseeing guide. He enjoys showing visitors around so much that he recently left his Software Engineering job to do this full time, and join the gang at Local Expeditions.