Let’s share the unique experience of crossing the East River via the 59th Street Bridge!  Overlooking a magnificent view of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island we’ll walk over the bridge and learn about its design and its place in popular culture. Among the many interesting facts you will discover on this expedition is that the bridge is one of the five on the NYC Marathon route.  You will also learn about a conspiracy to blow up the bridge with 200 lbs. of dynamite (Homeland??!!!)!!   Bring your camera–there are plenty of great views and pictures to be taken on the approximately 40 minute walk to Manhattan. Once we have satisfied the energetic adventurer in us we will walk across town to 5th avenue and Central Park South–to The Plaza Food Hall to activate our taste buds!!!  The Plaza Hotel has a deep history of its own to explore.  You will leave your heart at The Plaza Food Hall with all it’s wonderfully decorated shops providing savory delicacies. A salty and sweet gourmet experience!!!


At Queensboro Plaza at the entrance to the walking path over the 59th Street Bridge.

“Feelin’ Groovy:” The 59th Street Bridge
Queensboro Bridge
for GrowNYC
Zorzet M.
FROM Queens, NY and Greece

Walk a midtown bridge and enjoy gourmet food at the Plaza Hotel!



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Zorzet M.

Queens, NY and Greece

Born and raised in NY, Zorzet is a world traveler,  jewelery designer, dancer, and therapist among many of her other endeavors. Her fluency in six languages and her enthusiasm to reveal the hidden treasures of the off beat paths, inspire her to guide expeditions and tours in NY as well as Greece and Italy. ''Art is magical in all its expressions and forms and love is sharing it with you.''