In form and in function, Grand Central Terminal is itself a masterwork.

A walk through Grand Central brings to view the spectacular transformation of its main room via renovation and suggests the weather functions of the tall windows. Just outside stands the viaduct that speeds midtown traffic while allowing the Terminal to dominate (and otherwise block) Park Avenue – a stunning example of the power of railroads a century ago. The unique loop system below offers a vast rail capacity that will in coming decades offer New York extraordinary options.

Then there is the casual manner by which the Terminal enlists the senses of vision, hearing and touch to enhance one’s experience. Such features mark Grand Central as both the most vital structure in Manhattan, the most humane building of this great city.


Meeting Place: Inside of 120 Park Ave. (across and on the right side of 42nd Street from Grand Central’s main entrance).  4, 5, 6, 7, S Train to Grand Central Station.

Features of Grand Central Terminal
Midtown Manhattan
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