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Event Description:  On this three-hour expedition we will begin in Manhattan at a CitiBike kiosk near the Manhattan Bridge. We will be riding very slowly (this is not extreme sports) but the bike gives us an opportunity to get to DUMBO and enjoy some excellent vistas and hear some stories along the way. This also gives you a chance to get used to our excellent CitiBike program so you can enjoy some of the city’s great bike paths on future trips to New York.

After our first ride we will walk through DUMBO enjoying some of the top shops, eateries, and local sights. The expedition focus is on history, art and architecture/engineering.

During the last half hour of this tour we will bike back to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge—one of the great architectural jewels and engineering feats of our city. The tour will end at a CitiBike kiosk on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Who will enjoy this expedition?:  The bike ride is for neither beginners nor experts.  There are some city streets–but not many.  The bridges are all uphill in one direction and all downhill in the other–about 2.5 miles in total.  Some comfort with city biking will make this an enjoyable expedition.  On the other hand, we are not riding fast and hard.  The bikes simply offer us some beautiful views, a little heart pounding exercise/excitement, and a quick way to get there and back.

What to bring: Bike helmet, water and money if you want to get your shop on!  Comfortable, weather-appropriate attire.

What Not to Bring: Don’t bring your own bike. Well, you can, but the beauty of a CitiBike is that you lock it and leave it and you don’t have to back track. If you bring your own bike you will be responsible for walking it around, locking it, fetching it, etc.

Additional Notes: CitiBike usage is subject to availability so after we all gather we might have to go to a different nearby kiosk. This is unlikely but possible. DO NOT GET YOUR BIKE BEFORE THE TOUR STARTS. The bike’s are only good for multiple ½ hour jaunts and we will need the full half hour for the ride to DUMBO. The $12 CitiBike day fee is not covered by Local Expeditions.  You will be able to use bikes all day long.  Please note:  CitiBike will charge $100 to your credit card as insurance against a lost or stolen bike.  This amount will be refunded within 24 hours.



On this three-hour tour we will begin in Manhattan at the CitiBike kiosk in Confucius Plaza under the statue of Confucius at the intersection of Division Street and Bowery. You will need to purchase a one day Citi Bike pass and CitiBike’s at any station can be used all day long. Please note that CitiBike charges a $101 deposit to your credit card that is eliminated at the end of the day when all bikes are returned.  Please don’t purchase a pass before I get there.  I will explain more about CitiBike on our expedition.

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CitiBike DUMBO
Nancy B.
FROM Brooklyn, NY

Learn about CitiBike, ride the bridges, and see what this local likes in DUMBO.



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about Nancy B.

Nancy B.

Founder, Local Expeditions
Brooklyn, NY

Nancy Blaine has been a resident of New York City since 1983. In that time she has lived in Harlem, The East Village, the West Village, Soho and Park Slope. In that time she has worked in mid-town, Union Square, Madison Square Park, and near the Empire State Building. She is a daily bicycle commuter who has seen almost all of the sights that Manhattan and Brooklyn have to offer. In her long term career in higher ed publishing she has acquired texts in various disciplines including, History, Criminal Justice, English, Anthropology and Engineering. This has made her a life-long learner and traveler which, in turn, provided the true inspiration for Local Expeditions. Nancy has also been lucky enough to have a home in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire since 1995. Ask her about custom hiking and boat tours.