Description: Every city is unique. What distinguishes New York is the profound presence of world trade – like no other place in history, the world trades in New York City. It has led the nation and now the world in the fields of commerce, culture, finance, communications, politics.

This is owing to natural features so compelling that in the 1790s, when the city’s population totaled 25,000, George Washington predicted that New York would one day dominate the hemisphere and become, in his phrase, “the seat of empire.”

Resulting patterns and effects illustrate New York as both shaped by and shaper of national and international affairs. Among them:

* Wall Street;
* Federal Hall;
* Ellis Island;
* a surpassing array of tall buildings;
* the attacks of September 11th;
* this city’s (and this nation’s) primary ethic and values.

With a simple walk through downtown we read New York as the primary center of global activity, as capital of the world.


Meeting Place: Alongside of City Hall Park, at the southeast corner of Chambers Street and Broadway.  Nearest subway A or C Train to Chambers Street/World Trade.

Peter L.
FROM New York, NY

New York as the focus of global affairs.



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Peter L.

New York, NY

Since 1987 I have indulged my passion for New York by giving classes, lectures and tours of its history. My focus is to go beyond the usual who-what-where-when and into the why and how – illustrated, for example, by a simple bend in a road, shape of a building or site of a church. Among those that have sponsored my tours are the Museum of Natural History and New York University, not to mention groups of all kinds around the world. I am a registered New York City tour guide, a member of the bar, and the author of a coming book on the ties between the history of New York and that of baseball.