Come and visit one of the most interesting and out-of-the-way parts of Manhattan.  We’ll be at the highest geographic points of Manhattan with some of its grandest views.  We’ll cover the southern half of Ft. Tryon Park, visit the Shrine of Mother Cabrini and generally do a fascinating tour of the area where Washington tried to hold off the British in one of the early battles of the Revolutionary War.  Other highlights are a selection of Art Deco era buildings and some trendy local cafes.  The tour covers a fairly self-contained local area and even though it’s “The Heights” we’ve minimized the climbing.

This is a great expedition for Revolutionary War history buffs, followers of Mother Cabrini and those who want to see some unique geography and unique architecture.  There’s also a nice selection of bars and restaurants immediately after the tour’s coverage.

Ft Wash View 2

Expedition Meeting Place:  Outside the A Train Subway stop at 190th and Fort Washington AVE.


Expedition Meeting Place:  Outside the A Train Subway stop at 190th and Fort Washington AVE.

Manhattan’s Highest (Ft. Tryon/Cabrini Heights)
Hudson Heights
for Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini Shrine
Jim J.
FROM New York, NY

See the most spectacular natural views in Manhattan, walk in George Washington’s footsteps and visit the shrine of the first American Saint. Ft Wash View1



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Jim J.

New York, NY

I’m a long-time Manhattan resident (38 years) and lived in Washington Heights recently. I’m also an avid city walker and history buff.