Have you ever seen someone sporting a one-of-a-kind vintage bomber jacket? Or maybe a 1950’s hoop skirt? A couture little black dress for a fraction of the price?  –Only to hear the same response when asked where it was purchased–“this really cool thrift shop.”  Chances are (if you are like me) your pupils dilate, you become wildly curious “where, when and how?” and you begin planning your next excursion.

Welcome my fellow thrift-ista, you’re part of a fabulous group of creative folks, who want to express themselves in original ways…get cool stuff that you don’t see everywhere, and are enchanted by the treasure chest element of it–and of course–the cardinal rule of the thrift-ista….”NEVER PAY RETAIL.”

My name is Lois Barth, and I’ve been passionate/obsessed with thrift shops since as early as I can remember.  That is why I would love for you to join me on this wonderful journey to uncover potential buried and unburied, wardrobe treasures, cool trinkets, assorted bling bling, and basically, lots of stuff that lights you up!

So here’s the deal (and it’s a great one), we’ll meet in the East 20’s where there’s a cluster of thrift shops that all have cool and diverse inventory, for different people’s interest. We’ll break bread, bond…and hit the ground thrifting while in the process we celebrate each other’s finds!


333 First Avenue, (between 19th and 20th)

A Thrifting We Will Go; The Fabulous Frugalista Thrift Shop Tour
Stuyvesant Square
for Cauz for Pawz
Lois B.
FROM New York, NY

Come experience New York's Thrift Shop subculture!



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about Lois B.

Lois B.

New York, NY

My name is Lois Barth, I'm a motivational speaker, coach, author and most of all, Thrift Shop Enthusiast! (with over 35 years of scouring all the great thrift shops NYC has to offer). “I LOVE inspiring people to shine bright in the world, and one way I love doing that is to guide them on a Thriftista tour, so you can find really fun, cool clothes and/or accessories, perhaps a hip decoration for your “pad,” or maybe some classic staples to your wardrobe and/or home, and meet other great folks like yourself, who love a great deal, and discover the myriad of wonderful thrift shops, while getting a local flavor of the different neighborhoods in Manhattan. Life’s too short; why get what everyone else is getting... and why pay retail?