Local Expeditions provides intimate, unique walking tours and bike tours for visitors or residents, and a channel for locals to show off their favorite spots.

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a message from the founder

The idea for Local Expeditions came about when I took a group of out-of-town colleagues on a themed excursion including a walk along the High Line, a glass of wine at my friend’s garden apartment and dinner at Vin et Fleurs, a local Soho restaurant.   My colleagues loved the uniqueness of the local experience. One person said, “I never would have found this charming neighborhood if you didn’t take me here.” I enjoyed telling them the things that I love about the High Line—not the traditional tour but the small personal stories. The night was a smash success and, I was told, the best out-of-town event they had ever attended. I enjoyed myself immensely and realized I had a natural penchant for showing people a good time.

At the same time, I am a person who travels regularly for leisure and on business and I always want to know where the locals go, which restaurants they choose and what sights they like to see. I have never been entirely satisfied with the many spaces provided to determine where to go: for food (Chowhound), for tours—hundreds of outfits and none that ever match up to my desires or expectations. I’ve been known to walk away from tours (of the Acropolis even—and I like history!) in under ten minutes. My best travel results come when I contact a friend who has lived where I am going. I spent a week at a friend’s father’s B&B in Cornwall, England and was led to ancient stone sites that few tourists had ever seen. These were the rocks that my friend played near when she was a child. It was magical and spiritual and I was alone—not surrounded by 20 to 30 people.

Local Expeditions provides “anti-tours” and will give tourists and locals alike a unique, individual experience.  Try Soho Gardens and learn from a garden designer the ins and outs of the industry while viewing unique hotel rooftops and dog parks.  Or take any of our unique neighborhood tours (Bushwick, Gowanus, Flatbush, etc.) in areas that are gorgeous and underserved by tour companies.

For Guides, Local Expeditions provides both an income and an outlet for the performer, story-teller, historian, tour guide, or comedian in all of us.   The only requirement is that you are able to fill two – three hours with local lore and your unique perspective is interesting enough to gain an audience. Local Expeditions provides a template for each Guide to dream up their favorite jaunt.

One last thing, Local Expeditions is truly local and believes strongly in the local/sustainable movement. As such, 5% of every event is donated to a local organization of the Guide’s choice.

— Nancy Blaine


Local Expeditions Financial Model

Price $40 per individual (10 people max on all expeditions)

15% to Local Expeditions = $6.00

5% to a local non-profit of guide’s choice = $2.00

10% your guide buys you a refreshment = $4.00

70% goes to your guide = $28.00

A full tour yields $280 for the Guide–a nice wage

Local Expeditions Sign Up Policy

You must sign up online at least six hours before an expeditions begins.  Currently we are only able to accept PayPal.


Local Expeditions Cancellation Policy

We will let you know if an expedition cancels due to weather.  This will only be if the weather is extremely bad.  In this case all customers will receive a 100% refund or a re-schedule.

  • For cancellations within 24 hours of an expedition:  NO REFUND
  • For cancellations within 48-24 hours of an expedition:  50% REFUND
  • For cancellations more than 48 hours before an expedition:  100% REFUND

Local Expeditions Children’s Rates

Children under 10 years old go free!

Children ages 10 – 15 go for half price!

Giving Back
Truly Local

Local Expeditions believes strongly in the local/sustainable movement. Five percent of every expedition is donated to a local organization of the guide’s choice.

Planned Parenthood
Park Slope 5th Ave BID
4th Arts Block
Merchant’s House Museum
Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation
Northside Town Hall Community & Cultural Center
Theatre Historical Society of America
Lower East Side Preservation Initiative (L.E.S.P.I.)
Red Hook Initiative
Friends of the High Line
Arts Gowanus
People for the Pavilion
CityParks Foundation
The Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen Council
Squam Lakes Association
Hunters Point Parks Conservancy
Horizons for Homeless Children
Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini Shrine
Willie Mae Rock Camp
The O’Gorman Garden
Dream Street Theatre
Reading Partners
Did You Know?

The Empire State Building has its own zipcode.

This Week At Local Ex



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25th at 9:30AM

“Feelin’ Groovy:” The 59th Street Bridge

25th at 10:30AM

Go to Hell!

xx Expeditions ▸



26th at 9:30AM

The Secret World of Astoria

26th at 11:00AM

Queens: The World’s Borough

26th at 4:00PM

The High Line

26th at 8:00AM

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

26th at 10:00AM

Ferry to DUMBO

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27th at 9:30AM

“Feelin’ Groovy:” The 59th Street Bridge

27th at 11:00AM

In The (Lower) Heights

27th at 1:00PM

Prospect Park and Park Slope Brownstones

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28th at 12:00PM

Fabulous Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn

28th at 9:30AM

The Secret World of Astoria

28th at 11:00AM

The Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District

28th at 10:30AM

Go to Hell!

28th at 11:00AM

CitiBike DUMBO

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29th at 12:00PM

Secrets of Central Park

29th at 9:30AM

“Feelin’ Groovy:” The 59th Street Bridge

29th at 1:00PM

F@ck Tr#mp: Cheap Ethnic Eats In Midtown

29th at 11:00AM

Positively 4th Street

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30th at 12:00PM

Secrets of Central Park

30th at 10:00AM

The Secret World of Astoria

30th at 11:00AM

The Yiddish Rialto

30th at 12:00PM

Gowanus? Yes, Go On Us!

30th at 3:00PM

Soho Gardens

30th at 11:00AM

CitiBike DUMBO

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